Projects and Partners

One of the Conservancy’s main objectives is to generate income for the local communities


Manyara Conservancy owns and operates the tented camp and all tourism activities on Manyara Ranch. A percentage of the cost of visiting is dedicated to conservation of wildlife and habitat and for direct benefits to the local communities.

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African Wildlife Foundation is our principle partner. It manages the ranch, conservation projects, community relations and other legal aspects related to Manyara Ranch not involving tourism. In addition to funds generated by visitors to Manyara Conservancy, donors provide some funding to AWF for the management of the project.



Tanzania Land Conservation Trust is the land owner representing the local communities, conservation groups, National Parks, the Wildlife Department and local authorities.


Honeyguide Foundation, under contract to the African Wildlife Foundation, provide anti-poaching services on the ranch and surrounding areas.



Manyara Ranch is situated within the Kwakuchinja Wildlife Migration Corridor, protection of which is a key objective. Wildlife accesses Tarangire and Manyara National Parks and other nearby wildlife areas through this migration corridor.

Anti Poaching operations are coordinated by Honeyguide Foundation, which patrols the ranch with armed rangers, micro-light flights and trained sniffer-dogs to seek out poachers. An important informer network that rewards informants is also in place.

Manyara Ranch Primary School, originally located at the center of the ranch, was relocated to safer and new facilities at the boundary of the ranch. African Wildlife Foundation, supported by the Annenberg Foundation, undertook construction of the new school. The new school has modern facilities and a greatly enhanced capacity. It is one of the best schools in the area. Guests are encouraged to visit and support the school.

Ongoing Research projects include Elephant, Lion and Wildebeest collaring to track movement and range of these animals. Giraffe and other animal counts take place regularly as do transects aimed at studying vegetation re-growth. Tarangire Lion Project assists local communities in dealing with potential lion conflicts.


In addition to all the well deserved praise for the staff, the site and activities, we appreciated knowing about the ranch’s determined efforts to prevent poaching. Everything about the camp has been exceptional. Thank you and best wishes for the future.

Steve & Louisa Moats

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